WORKSHOP: November 2016

This page links to the presentations, notes etc from the November 2016 Cloud-WG workshop at the Francis Crick Institute.

A Storify story collecting the social media conversation around the #cloudwg hashtag is also available.

09:00 Arrivals and Registration
09:30 Introduction and Welcome

(Auditorium 1)

Philip Kershaw, STFC – RCUK Cloud WG Chair

09:50 Session 1 (Plenary): Application of Public/Hybrid Cloud

(Auditorium 1)

Chair: David Fergusson, The Crick

09:50 Experiences from RCUK Cloud Pilot: running containerised workloads for CMS on Public Cloud

– Andrew Lahiff, STFC

10:10 The Met Office’s Climate Model at AWS – Simon Wilson, NERC NCAS-CMS
10:30 HemeWeb: Simple, reproducible blood flow simulation in the cloud using containers – Rupert Nash, EPCC
10:50 Hybrid Cloud Experimentation at EMBL-EBI – Dario Vianello, EMBL-EBI
11:10 Discussion (+ pitches for breakout session 3c)
11:20 Break
Parallel Sessions
11:50 Session 2a: Private and Community Cloud and OpenStack

(Auditorium 1)
Chair: Stig Telfer, Stack HPC

Session 2b: Legal, Policy and Regulatory Issues
(Auditorium 2)
Chair: Martin Hamilton, Jisc
11:50 Introduction / Achieving high performance networking in OpenStack – Stig Telfer Presentation of Legal and Regulatory Survey results – Martin Hamilton, Jisc
12:10 BEAR Cloud and the challenges of running scientific cloud – Simon Thompson, University of Birmingham Public, private and hybrid cloud decision making experiences – Steven Newhouse, EMBL-EBI
12:30 OpenStack at the Sanger Institute (Developing consistent, tested images)

– James Beal, The Sanger Institute

The changing legal and regulatory environment around public cloud – Dimitra Kamarinou, QMUL Cloud Legal Project
12:50 Discussion Discussion
13:00 Lunch
Parallel Sessions
14:00 Session 3a: Public Cloud

(Auditorium 1)

Chair: David Colling, Imperial College

Session 3b: Lightning Talks and Demos Part 1
(Auditorium 2)
Chair: Simon Thompson, University of Birmingham
Session 3c: Breakout/Interactive
(Seminar room 6)
Chair: Philip Kershaw
14:00 AWS – Brendan Bouffler, AWS 14:00 High Throughput Computing across OpenStack sites using DIRAC – Andy McNab, University of Manchester A space will be provided for interested groups to meet together and share and work on common themes.  Two already set are:


  • Cloud-hosted Jupyter notebooks and Dask for scientific analysis – Joni Pelham, Cranfield University; Matt Pryor, STFC; Jacob Tomlinson and Niall Robinson, MetOffice Informatics Lab
  • EGI Federated Cloud and bulk data movement – Jens Jensen, STFC
  • Machine Learning and Jupyter Notebooks with Microsoft Azure – Lee Stott, Microsoft
14:10 Containers in scientific HPC, a perspective from Cyverse UKErik van den Bergh, Earlham Institute
14:20 Azure – Kenji Takeda, Microsoft Research 14:20 Secure Cloud-Connected Autonomous Cars – Lee Gillam, University of Surrey
14:30 CRITiCaL project: Criminal activity in the Cloud – Stephen McGough, Durham University
14:40 Google Cloud – Nico Gaviola, Google 14:40 BRISSKit: a cloud based biomedical research applications platform for active database management – Jonathan Tedds, University of Leicester
14:50 on AWS – Peter Uhe, OeRC
15:00 Break
Parallel Sessions
15:20 Session 4a: Lightning Talks
(each: 5min talk + 5min questions)(Auditorium 1)Chair: Steven Newhouse, EMBL-EBI
Session 4b: Lightning Talks and Demos Part 2

(Auditorium 2)


Chair: Philip Kershaw

15:20 CLIMB: The cloud infrastructure for microbial bioinformatics – Mark Pallen, Warwick University Use of containers with Clouds – Adam Huffman, Crick Institute
15:30 Using SSF for Life Science Workloads – from clusters to cloud – Gaurav Kaul OpenStack Cloud FederationIldikó Váncsa, OpenStack Foundation and Dr. Mike Kelly, Datacentred
15:40 Near real-time radiotherapy dose calculation in the cloud based on photon Monte Carlo – Igor Kozin, Institute of Cancer Research Cloud-hosted Jupyter notebooks and Dask for scientific analysis – (demo and report back from Breakout session 3c)  – Joni Pelham, Cranfield University; Matt Pryor, STFC; Jacob Tomlinson and Niall Robinson, MetOffice Informatics Lab
15:50 Running Marine MetaGenomics Pipeline on demand through the ELIXIR Compute Platform – Jose Dianes, EMBL-EBI Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine & Azure Services for Teaching, Learning & Research – Lee Stott, Microsoft
16:00 PhenoMeNaL – Noureddin Sadawi and Jianliang Gao, Imperial College Discussion
16:10 Conclusions and Next Steps (Plenary)

(Auditorium 1)

16:30 Drinks Reception (with sponsorship from Microsoft)
18:00 Close