WORKSHOP: March 2020

The workshop is back again at the Francis Crick Institute in central London on the 3rd March. This year we welcome the newly appointed Director of e-Infrastructure for UKRI, James Hetherington. The programme includes speakers from a range of academic centres and representation from industry as well as regulars to this event such as CERN and the UK MetOffice.


TimingPlenary / Strand A Sessions
Auditorium 2
Strand B Sessions
Auditorium 1
09:15Registration + teas/coffee
10:00Introduction – Philip Kershaw, STFC
Data & Computers & Code & People – plans for a distributed national digital research infrastructure – James Hetherington, Director of e-Infrastructure for UKRI
10:20Session 1a – Cloud Pilots
Chair: Philip Kershaw, STFC
Session 1b – Hybrid Cloud
Chair: Chris Edsall, University of Bristol
The Sky is the limit: our journey to the Cloud – Stefano Angioni, University of BathDescribing portable applications with TOSCA -James DesLauriers, University of Westminster
Platform thrash! Getting Broad Hail / Spark software to work at scale in Sanger and Google and Sanger – Vivek Iyer, Wellcome Sanger InstitutePrototyping a hybrid cloud/on-premise CI/CD system for Nektar++, Christopher Cave-Ayland, Imperial College
Porting and performance of DiRAC HPC benchmarks on Oracle bare metal cloud – Andy Turner, EPCC/DiRACMillion core-hour rendering simulation on Cloud – Mitigating hybrid, scale, security and Cloud capacity challenges – Geoff Newell, AppsBroker
Question time
11:20Break – teas/coffee
11:45Session 2a – Organisation challenges in Cloud Computing – procurement, data governance, legal controls, cost controls

Chair: David Fergusson, University of Edinburgh
Session 2b – HPC in the cloud, performance and benchmarking

Chair: Steve Hindmarsh, Francis Crick Institute
Productive research on sensitive data using cloud-based secure research environments – Martin O’Reilly, Turing InstituteEarly results of AWS testing for research computing at the Crick – Steve Hindmarsh, Francis Crick Institute
Best Practice in Secure Research Computing – Stig Telfer, StackHPCTowards HPC resiliency, breakout and temporary transition in the Cloud – Cliff Addison, University of Liverpool
ASCLEPIOS – Health Care Security – Dr Gabriele Pierantoni, University of WestminsterCluster in the Cloud: Easy, Scalable and Heterogeneous – Matt Williams, University of Bristol
Question timeQuestion time
12:50Lunch – buffet lunch
13:50Session 3a – Development, deployment and operations for private and/or community clouds

Chair: Tim Cutts, Wellcome Sanger Institute
Session 3b – Lightning Talks

Chair: Simon Thompson, University of Birmingham
CERN Cloud Infrastructure Updates – Theodoros Tsioutsias, CERNMigrating a UK Genomics Organisation from public cloud to on-prem HPC Cloud – David Power, vScaler
Challenges in Scaling STFC Cloud – Alex Dibbo and Martin Summers, STFCTales From the Front Line Installing HPC in the Cloud – Owen Thomas, Red Oak Consulting
Autoscaling, Reservation, Contention and Preemption – the Coral Reef Cloud – Pierre Riteau,  John Garbutt and Steve Brasier, StackHPCARCHIVER – R&D for cloud-based Archiving & Long-Term Data Preservation Services – João Fernandes, CERN
JASMIN’s Cloudy path to Nirvana – Jonathan Churchill, STFCJupyterHub on Private Cloud – Vladimir Kiselev, Informatics Team Leader, Wellcome Sanger Institute
Convergence of AI and HPC Workloads – Implications for Cloud-Native and Hybrid Architectures – Gaurav Kaul, HPE
Question timeQuestion time
15:05Break – teas/coffee
15:35Session 4a – Addressing challenges integrating storage and data access interfaces for scientific workloads

Chair: Adam Huffman, Big Data Institute, University of Oxford
Session 4b – Demos

Chair: Andy Powell, Jisc
How to consume your data in the cloud without it costing the Earth? – CD Tiwari, EMBL-EBIA Universe from Nothing: Containerised OpenStack deployment using Kolla, Ansible and Kayobe – Stig Telfer, StackHPC
Building a distributed HPC-like environment using Federated Slurm and CephFS for processing astronomy data from the Euclid satellite – Mark Holliman, University of EdinburghCluster-as-a-Service for the JASMIN Cloud, Matt Pryor, STFC
Adopt a Cloud to change Research Computing at Diamond – Andrew Richards, Chris Reynolds, Diamond LightsourceInstanceHub: Simple provisioning of cloud instances for training – Paul Richmond, University of Sheffield
OpenFlightHPC – Stu Franks, Alces Flight Ltd
Question timeQuestion time
16:50Reconvene in Auditorium 2 …
17:00Final Plenary
Sum-up, feedback, next steps, cloud strategy for research community
17:10Reception – drinks, light refreshments