Cluster-as-a-Service on JASMIN

Matt Pryor, NCAS / CEDA STFC

Currently, JASMIN currently has two offerings – a batch compute system with tightly-controlled software packages and a more flexible IaaS community cloud. However, JASMIN users are primarily scientists who want the best of both worlds – a cluster environment with more flexibility over the available software but without having to provision and maintain complex cluster infrastructure. Similarly, users want to be able to deploy Virtual Research Environments (VREs) such as Pangeo or the NERC DataLab without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

The JASMIN team is working on a “”Cluster-as-a-Service”” (CaaS) system that aims to allow users to deploy clusters and VREs in an intuitive way through the JASMIN Cloud Portal. The CaaS system will manage the full lifecycle of the cluster, including maintenance tasks such as security patching. This demo will show some of the early progress made towards achieving this goal.