Stu Franks, Alces Flight Ltd

Two of the biggest issues when extending your existing HPC facility towards hybrid-enablement are to ensure that the user experience remains consistent across platforms and that the administrator of the environment does not have to learn several solutions in order to make this desired experience a reality. The goal of OpenFlightHPC is to help address these concerns, providing a flexible, functional and stable HPC stack that can be launched on any platform. Over four years of development an open-source toolkit has been developed to help Research Software Engineers climb ‘HPC Mountain’ – implementing the architecture, platform, environment, and workflow of an HPC solution for their end-users. This talk and demonstration will discuss the history, methodology and design of OpenFlightHPC, discuss where this has been used in hybrid production, showcase the current capabilities of the toolkit, and explain how those interested can get started in using OpenFlightHPC. The session is aimed at RSEs, Devops teams and end-users with a working knowledge of HPC software and public-cloud platforms.