JASMIN's Cloudy path to Nirvana

Jonathan Churchill, STFC

JASMIN – The UK’s platform for all environmental Data Analysis – is now 8 years old and continuously growing its > 140PB storage capacity and crucially for this talk, its community cloud . It started out with one of the very earliest production ready clouds , based on a commercial offering, at a time when OpenStack was in its very early infancy in 2011/12. Over the years we have travelled on a Cloud infrastructure road migrating, somewhat seamlessly, through 3 different Cloud products and 4 different physical infrastructures to our current roll out of a full OpenStack distribution. In this talk I will discuss some of the strategies and decision making that drove us along this path and some of the lessons we’ve learnt , both technical and managerial, for deploying and managing such infrastructures at scale within an academic research, resource constrained, environment.