Cluster-as-a-Service for the JASMIN Cloud

Matt Pryor, STFC

JASMIN has an OpenStack community cloud that provides cloud facilities primarily for NERC projects, for which we provide a simplified custom portal for users to provision their own virtual machines. These VMs are then up to the user to configure, and many groups have used the cloud to develop web interfaces for their communities. However, users find complex clustering software such as Kubernetes and Slurm difficult to configure, and the advent of tools such as Pangeo has led to an increase in calls for a shrink-wrapped solution. In response to this, we have developed a Cluster-as-a-Service system. This system integrates with our custom cloud portal, and allows users to easily provision entire clusters through a friendly UI. Under the hood, the VMs are configured using Ansible playbooks driven by AWX (Ansible Tower). The system is currently in beta, and is providing clusters to groups at Reading University and Imperial College London, and for the CCI Knowledge Exchange project.