CERN Cloud Infrastructure Updates

Theodoros Tsioutsias, CERN

CERN is running an OpenStack private cloud with around 300k cores. CERN Cloud Infrastructure is responsible for providing computing resources to the experiments conducted at CERN and supporting in general the High Energy Physics community. This talk will present CERN’s infrastructure, describing the procedures through which computing resources are made available to our end users. We will also present tools used for automating and maintaining our infrastructure. Recently, we have been developing and prototyping an orchestrator for Low-SLA (preemptible) instances. We are going to describe the changes needed in OpenStack Compute Service (Nova) and present the functionality of the orchestrator. Another popular usage pattern of the Cloud, is container clusters, so we are going to present the recent developments in OpenStack Magnum. Finally, we will provide details for the OpenStack services that allow us to provide Cloud services at scale.