ASCLEPIOS – Health Care Security

Dr Gabriele Pierantoni, University of Westminster

Cloud-based technologies present new opportunities to transform healthcare systems, increase connectivity of hospitals and other providers, and therefore potentially and significantly improve patient care. However, such networked computing infrastructures also raise significant cybersecurity risks, especially in the healthcare domain, where protecting sensitive personal information is of paramount importance.

ASCLEPIOS is an EU funded project that aims at strengthening the trust of users in cloud-based healthcare services by utilising trusted execution environments and several modern cryptographic approaches such as attribute based encryption, searchable encryption, functional encryption to build a cloud-based e-health framework that protects users’ privacy, prevents both internal and external attacks, verifies the integrity of medical devices before application, and runs privacy-preserving data analytics on encrypted data.

In order to prototype its framework and services, ASCLEPIOS develops and deploys three large-scale cloud-based demonstrators, provided by three leading hospitals from Europe to improve stroke hyper-acute care through secure information sharing, inpatient and outpatient sleep medication by remotely controlling the quality of the collected data and transferring it on-line for further analysis, and privacy-preserving monitoring and benchmarking of antibiotics prescription of general practitioners. The applications are deployed and benchmarked in scalable cloud testbed.