ARCHIVER – R&D for cloud-based Archiving & Long-Term Data Preservation Services

João Fernandes, CERN

Commercial services for Digital Preservation that are currently available have not been proven to scale to the “petabyte region”, not address the complex data types that are needed by many scientific disciplines. In-house services, have often not acquired the degree of “trustworthiness” verified through certification schemes. Using an EC Pre-Commercial Procurement , the ARCHIVER project will introduce significant improvements in the area of archiving and digital preservation services, combining multiple ICT technologies, including extreme data-scaling, network connectivity, federated authentication, service interoperability and business models adapted to the research community, By acting as a collective of procurers, the consortium will create an R&D eco-system for specialist ICT companies, who would like to introduce new services capable of supporting the expanding needs of research communities for advanced stewardship of publicly funded research data in Europe. ARCHIVER’s final goal is to allow research group to retain responsibility ownership of their data whilst leveraging best practices, standards and economies of scale.