Running HTC & HPC applications opportunistically across private, academic and public clouds

Andrew Lahiff, UKAEA

Access to both HTC and HPC facilities is vitally important to the fusion community, not only for plasma modelling but also for advanced engineering and design, materials research, rendering, uncertainty quantification and advanced data analytics for engineering operations. The computing requirements are expected to increase as the community prepares for ITER, the next generation facility. Moving to a decentralised computing model is vital for future ITER analysis where no single site will have sufficient resource to run all necessary workflows.

PROMINENCE is one of the Science Demonstrators in the European Open Science Cloud for Research Pilot Project and aims to demonstrate that the fusion community can make use of distributed cloud resources. Here we will describe our platform which enables users to run jobs in containers across a wide variety of cloud sites. Hierarchical cloud bursting allows jobs to burst from local private clouds onto national research clouds, to EGI FedCloud sites and finally through to public clouds, transparently to the user.