HnSciCloud – Helix Nebula Science Cloud

Joao Fernandes, CERN

Helix Nebula Science Cloud (HNSciCloud) developed a hybrid cloud linking commercial cloud service providers and research organisations in-house resources via the GÉANT network. The hybrid platform offered data management capabilities with transparent data access, accessible via eduGAIN and ELIXIR AAI systems.

OCRE (Open Clouds for Research Environments) and ARCHIVER (Archiving and Preservation for Research Environments) projects will leverage the experience of HNSciCloud in the exploitation of commercial cloud services, currently being considered by the European research community as part of a hybrid cloud model to support their scientific programmes.

OCRE will bridge the gap between the supply and demand sides, facilitating researchers to use these cloud services in a safe and easy manner, turning it part of their day-to-day scientific activity.

Research projects struggle to manage data, as the archiving and preservation services are inadequate falling below expectations while data stewardship costs are frequently underestimated. ARCHIVER will address these issues in a multidisciplinary environment, under the OAIS model, allowing researchers to retain total ownership of data.