EMBL-EBI Cloud Portal for Everyone

David Yuan, EMBL-EBI

We demonstrate how ECP can ease the transition from on-premises software to cloud-native applications for researchers, cloud administrators, DevOps engineers and project administrators.

Researchers can use a web browser or a smartphone to deploy one or more CPAs to run scientific pipelines in clouds without programming experience. Once their computation is finished, they can destroy the deployment with a few clicks so that limited research grant is spent on computing used.

Cloud administrators can use the same RESTful API or Python SDK to manage applications in the clouds. They can reuse their existing skills in Bash and Python to interact with all major clouds.

DevOps engineers can customise a rich set of CPAs to address special requirements, either starting from a default template or an existing CPA. With well-known tools (Terraform and Ansible), they create CPAs the same way for all major clouds. There are many Terraform modules and Ansible roles available.

Project Administrators can configure teams, cloud credentials, CPA catalogue, resource quotas, etc. Users in the same team can share the configurations.