Delivering Resilient Access to Globe Climate Projections for Copernicus using Cloud and a Distributed Data Infrastructure

Matt Pryor, NCAS / CEDA STFC

CP4CDS provides global climate projections, initially from CMIP5, to the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Climate Data Store (CDS). The CDS provides a freely available, public interface to a range of climate-related data in support of users across all sectors.

The CP4CDS data services will be provided by CEDA and partners using ESGF components. The components must be deployed in a highly available and resilient manner – to achieve this, they will be deployed at multiple sites as no single site can guarantee the required availability. The sites will be load-balanced under a single domain, appearing to the user as a single deployment.

Containers and Kubernetes have many attractive features for highly available systems, including increased scalability and resilience. Containers also improve portability and encourage modularity. Working with the ESGF Container Working Team, the ESGF components have been containerised and can be run using Compose or Kubernetes.

To meet the availability requirements for CP4CDS, we will also use Public Cloud. AWS Route 53 is used for DNS load-balancing, and GKE is being used to run the ESGF components.