RCUK Cloud-WG Telco – March 22nd 2017


  • Philip Kershaw, STFC (chair)
  • Simon Thompson, University of Birmingham
  • Adam Huffman, Francis Crick Institute
  • Jeremy Yates, University College London/STFC DiRAC
  • Dr Tim Cutts, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
  • Dr David Salmon, Jisc
  • Martin Hamilton, Jisc (notes)

Apologies for absence

  • Dr David Fergusson, University of Edinburgh
  • Steven Newhouse, EMBL-EBI
  • Dr David Colling, Imperial College

Notes & action items

  1. The group has been developing a briefing note on legal and policy issues for use of public cloud in research, led by David Salmon – ONGOING
  2. A Cloud-WG “ResOps” workshop had been proposed on use of devops technologies for cloud based scientific computing, e.g Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Docker etc. It was agreed to proceed with this and a provisional date set of Monday 3rd July, at EMBL-EBI. ACTION Steven to progress ResOps workshop, EventBrite page for registration set up at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/resops-delivering-science-across-clouds-tickets-33391964264
  3. Phil to write up summary of the November Cloud-WG workshop and notify the Cloud-SIG list – DONE, see https://cloud.ac.uk/workshops/nov2016/
  4. David Colling and David Salmon to arrange a call for those interested in a HTC Taskforce and scope out work – ONGOING, work will resume on David Salmon’s return from leave

  5. Adam to co-ordinate N8/Cloud-WG and Cloud-WG/HPC-SIG collaboration conversation with Alan Real – ONGOING

  6. Simon to share Spectrum Scale via Cloud-WG website – DONE, report available at https://cloud.ac.uk/reports/spectrumscale/
  7. Simon had discussed the group holding a workshop on Lustre cloud integration with Wojciech Turek at Cambridge. Public Health England and the Sanger Institute were keen to be involved and contribute to this – ACTION Simon to progress Lustre workshop
  8. Phil, Simon and Adam to co-ordinate on cloud inputs for 29th March Project Directors Group meeting at the Farr Institute – DONE