RCUK Cloud-WG Meeting – July 7th 2017

RCUK Cloud-WG meeting
7th July 2017
University College London


  • Philip Kershaw, STFC (chair)
  • Simon Thompson, University of Birmingham
  • Adam Huffman, Francis Crick Institute
  • Jeremy Yates, University College London/STFC DiRAC
  • Dr Tim Cutts, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (remote)
  • Dr David Salmon, Jisc
  • Martin Hamilton, Jisc (notes)
  • Dr David Fergusson, University of Edinburgh (remote)
  • Steven Newhouse, EMBL-EBI
  • Dr David Colling, Imperial College

In attendance:

  • Dr Bruno Silva, Francis Crick Institute / eMedLab project
  • Colin Morey, Hartree Centre

Notes & action items

  1. Colin Morey from the Hartree Centre and Bruno Silva from the Francis Crick Institute attended the working group meeting to explore potential future collaborations and share their orgaisations’ experiences of using cloud technologies in research
  2. The group has been developing a briefing note on legal and policy issues for use of public cloud in research, led by David Salmon – ONGOING
  3. Steven reported back on the ResOps workshop that had been held on 3rd July at EMBL-EBI. This was felt to be a very worthwhile exercise by delegates. Due to demand the workshop would be repeated in September, with EMBL-EBI staff given first refusal in this case. Workshop materials are available via GitHub from https://github.com/EMBL-EBI-TSI/resops_workshop. ACTION Steven to share ResOps registration details with Cloud-SIG, Adam to write up a short summary of the ResOps workshop to go onto the cloud.ac.uk website
  4. David Colling and David Salmon to arrange a call for those interested in a HTC Taskforce and scope out potential work – this took place and it was agreed to proceed. ACTION David to solicit HTC Taskforce interest from Cloud-SIG members
  5. The group had received feedback from the community that there was some confusion over the details of Jisc’s cloud purchasing frameworks, egress waiver arrangements and Janet network peerings. ACTION David to request from Jisc colleagues that this information be presented in a consolidated way on the Jisc website
  6. Adam reported that an outcome of his discussions with Alan Real (N8/HPC-SIG) was that HPC-SIG would be holding a workshop on containerisation for service providers to be held in Hull on 14th September. ACTION Adam to keep the group updated on workshop plans and share registration URL with Cloud-SIG members
  7. Simon had discussed the group holding a workshop on Lustre cloud integration with Wojciech Turek at Cambridge. Public Health England and the Sanger Institute were keen to be involved and contribute to this – ACTION Simon to progress Lustre workshop