Maintaining versioned 3D digital designs using a hybrid and multi-cloud solution

Niall Kennedy, YellowDog

CAE Tech’s OASES3D (Open Architecture Storage and Execution Service for 3D) feasibility project is designing and prototyping a software architecture for maintaining 3D digital design and analysis data in a robust, version-controlled, scalable and future-proof way. The architecture is platform-agnostic, however a reference implementation is demonstrating and validating the feasibility as a core approach for management of design and analysis data at UKAEA (UK Atomic Energy Authority). A key feature of the OASES3D solution is to react to new versions of CAD or other design data by triggering analyses or simulations, so results can be tracked over the history of the design project. For the UKAEA STEP (Spherical Tokomak for Energy Production) project this is important as the design process will be long, complex and involve a large team, with a need for traceability of all decisions made. This dynamic creation of computing tasks results in a need for flexible provisioning of cloud compute resources and task scheduling. The scale of each task is not known in advance, and potential impacts of a design change could include a multitude of tasks. YellowDog has been chosen to provide this elasticity to create cloud compute clusters on demand at any scale, anywhere.

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