Ensuring fairer access and reducing obstacles to research in fixed capacity clouds

Paul Browne, University of Cambridge & Pierre Riteau, Stack HPC

Presenting resources as cloud now provides a familiar access mode for many research disciplines. For large-scale HPC and ML, optimal infrastructure is still best provided as on-premise, often in siloed systems that can create a disjunct in operation or service, but recently, however, such systems can be delivered in a cloud-native form. Hybrid cloud in which on and off premise resources can be exploited promises the best-of-both-worlds as research organisations explore the most cost-effective way of providing computational resources across the full gamut of education and research. In this talk we present an overview of the on-premise Cambridge cloud and how we are presenting clusters via a CaaS portal that can be used to create and manage platforms within multiple clouds, heralding a path to wider exploitation of resources.

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